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Term Dates 2018 – 2019

Term times 2018-2019

Autumn term 2018

Tuesday 4th September to Thursday 20 December 2018
Half term: 22nd October to 26th October 2018 inclusive
Inset day: Monday 29th October 2018 (nursery closed)

Spring term 2019

Monday 7th January to Friday 5th April 2019
Half term: Monday 18th February to 22nd February 2019 inclusive
Inset day: Friday 15th February 2019 (nursery closed)

Summer term 2019

Tuesday 23rd April to Friday 19th July 2019
Half term: Monday 27th May to 31st May 2019 inclusive
Bank holiday: Monday 6th May 2019 (nursery closed)
Inset days: Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23d July 2019 (nursery closed)

September 2018 to August 2019

Opening and closing dates for children doing all year and stretch offers (51 week provision)

Nursery re-opens on Tuesday 4th September 2018
Inset day: Monday 29th october 2018 (nursery closed)
Nursery closes on Thurşday 20th December 2018 – (last day of term)

Nursery re-opens on Wednesday 2nd January 2019
Inset day: Friday 15th February 2019 (nursery closed)
Bank holidays: Friday 19th April 2019 and Monday 22nd April 2019 (nursery closed)

Nursery re-opens on Tuesday 23rd April 2019
Bank holidays: Monday 6th May, Monday 27th May, Monday 26th August 2019 (nursery closed)
Nursery closes on Friday 30th August 2019-(end of the academic year)

Millie’s Mark

We have been successful in achieving Millie’s Mark which is an award for outstanding first aid knowledge and practice for our nursery practitioners. It means they have all been trained in paediatric first aid and that they show an in depth understanding of first aid procedures for young children. We are very proud to be among the first to receive this award locally.

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