We have recently adopted a free flow system at St Jude’s Church Nursery which enables the children to access the areas of learning and development that interest them most. This approach allows them the time to complete activities and to move across all areas on offer in their own time and at their own pace. This system allows them to make their own independent choices in a safe and nurturing environment, where they learn and grow in confidence in readiness for school life.

Our Rooms

The Nursery is divided into coloured rooms providing different activities as follows:

The Blue Room
blueThe Blue Room is a large hall equipped with a home-corner, shop, writing area, book corner and construction area for the older children, PE activities, drama and action games take place here.

The Red Room
redThis is our soft play area and is used for a variety of activities including musical movement, baby gym and dancing and drama.

The Orange Room
orangeThe Orange Room offers the younger children the opportunity for role play in our home corner, a book corner and writing area along with a free choice of construction and small world toys and activities.

The Yellow Room
yellowThe Yellow Room is used by the older children providing a variety of activities offering them the opportunity for messy-play, including painting, sand and water, gluing and craft.
The Garden
gardenThe Garden offers all the children the opportunity for physical activities such as climbing, bike riding, mini sports, gardening and playing games.
The Green Room
greenGreen Room is a messy-play room for the younger children including painting, sand and water and craft activities.